The Elevation Principle 

You will grow to the level of your highest dominant thought 


In life, we have 7 realms of well-being: 

  • Spiritual – a deep connection with your higher Self/God/the Universe 

  • Mindset – belief systems you’ve accepted and operate by daily 

  • Tone – your state of being and the state of the environment you interact with 

  • Wealth – accumulated resources you have energetic and emotional bonds with 

  • Tribe – relationships you form, who you resonate, connect and associate with 

  • Family – people who know more about you than your tribe, your confidants 

  • Soul Purpose – your calling, your meaning, your unique reason for being 

These 7 realms are intertwined and you are daily influenced by them. 

Oftentimes we feel out of control, like a victim to our surroundings.  This gives birth to negative emotions such as: disengagement, lack of focus, pessimism, frustration, worry, blame, anger, envy, unworthiness, fear, grief, depression, self-sabotage and powerlessness.   

It is estimated that a significant majority of thoughts, ideas and daydreams are negative. 


Can we change this? 


You better believe it!  You see, you have the Power to influence all 7 realms of your life. 

Your level of awareness is the first tool to implement to begin having an influence over each individual realm you feel influenced by.     

Some of these realms you may feel you have a handle on more than others, and it’s where you perceive the lack that you inadvertently give most of your attention.   

The purpose of The Elevation Principle is to help you raise your awareness and shift your perception from lack to acknowledgment, acceptance, optimism, enthusiasm, empowerment, joy, appreciation, freedom and love.   

You have all the tools inside of you.  It’s time to crack open the light within and illuminate the darkness of simply “not knowing.”   

The Elevation Principle can show you the way, however, you must take the first step. 

Then you will begin finding answers. 


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