A caveat before reading these testimonials:  It must be addressed that chiropractic is not a cure for any symptom, condition or dis-ease, rather a way to bring the nerve system (which controls and coordinates all functions in the human body) into balance.  When this occurs, the body's innate self-healing, self-regulating mechanisms function optimally.  The body heals itself from the inside-out as it was designed to do in the first place!


DIGESTIVE/ ALLERGIES/ ASTHMA: My stomach problem that I've had my whole life was my reason for beginning chiropractic care but it also ended up helping my asthma and allergies. My stomach problems and allergies would hold me back from doing the things I loved like sports and being outside. My asthma would make it very hard to breathe and my allergies did the same. Before coming to Dr. Nick, I would take my asthma and allergy medicine everyday but it never completely got rid of them. I am now completely off of my allergy and asthma medications and my stomach hardly hurts anymore. I am now able to participate in high school sports and do everything with more ease. I am so glad I receive chiropractic care. It has changed my life. From being on medicine everyday since I was born to not taking any at all is a huge deal.


Lori G.

I came to Dr. Nick because I had been told by orthopedic surgeons that my hip would not take any more running. I had always been athletic and had a tough time accepting the diagnosis, but was willing to take to alleviate pain at that time. Having a background in Fitness and Kinesiology, I trusted the healing of Chiropractic more than most. I discovered the main reason for my hip problem was not disease, but misalignment which had caused years of wear. With treatment from Dr. Nick I am back to running and living an almost unbelievably athletic lifestyle. I can't convince people who do not have faith in healing what I have been through and how I feel now. I truly know my body, as a whole, has become younger and I am free from pain. Chiropractic can give you a second chance, what you do with it as far as exercise and dedication, is up to you.


Pat W.

For the past 30 years I have had back, neck, shoulder and hip pain. At its worst, the neck and shoulder pain was sharp, stabbing and burning. The pain got increasingly worse with computer use and I was unable to completely turn my neck over my shoulder when I was driving. The back and hip pains made walking and standing very difficult and I had frequent episodes of sciatica. Since seeing Dr. Nick I am 95%-99% pain free and no longer have hip and back pain. My head is in better alignment with my spine, bilateral weight balance is equal, leg length equal and walking is easier. I also don't experience headaches any longer and I can now turn my head to look over my shoulders- pain free. Since I have decreased chronic pain I also have less depression because I have more freedom and love of movement.


Preston M.

Since 2005 I have had ear trouble and occasional back aches as well. Being a videographer and editor I rely on my ears and having one with diminished volume is incredibly difficult. At points I thought I was going deaf because I couldn't hear out of my ear at all. I had tried flushing the earwax with hot water treatments and candles but had no improvement. After just one adjustment with Dr. Nick my ear regained full use and I have not had any trouble since. I also feel stronger and more equilibrium and balance. My treatment has made me a believer in chiropractic.