Kelli Severson


Favorite Books:  This list is always growing but it includes The Alchemist, Eat, Pray, Love, Wild, Eat Dirt, and Paleo cookbooks!  I love cookbooks and will read them like a book.

Favorite Quote:  “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” –Dr. Seuss

Words used to describe me: Organized, detail oriented, ornery, sympathetic, strong willed and devoted.

Turn ons:  Live music, cool summer evenings in the mountains, the mountains, dark chocolate, wine, campfires, the outdoors, hiking, snowmobiling, evening fishing, a good run, traveling, the smell of fresh cut hay, puppies, a good book, target shooting, photography, good food, the smell after it rains and early summer mornings.

Turn offs:  Unorganized spaces, closed mindedness, rudeness and crowded places.

The boring stuff you need to know:  I am a Colorado native and a country girl by heart.  I grew up on a ranch approximately 50 miles southwest of Gunnison.  I have lived in a few different areas throughout Colorado before finally settling in Grand Junction in 2011.  In 2009 I married an amazing man and my best friend, Kass, in Mt. Crested Butte, CO.  In July 2014 we welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Cash, into our lives.  My other loves outside of chiropractic include cooking and jewelry design.  I often share my creations at

The stuff you want to know but are afraid to ask:  I don’t know!  I don’t think there is anything… but ask away if there is something you want to know.

Greatest Achievement:  Giving birth to my beautiful baby boy, Cash.